NOVEMBER, 03, 2020

music: erik satie - gnossienne 1

Hello, it's been 2 months. Well, I was studying a lot, but now I'm on vacation (finally!). I've been kind of sad those days, it's not good times. I've been crying a lot and had to change my psychiatic medication. Don't know what to do sometimes, I just wanna die.

SEPTEMBER, 09, 2020


music: jake bugg - saviours of the city

It has been a little over a month now that I am discouraged with my life. I have a lot of college-related tasks, and I really enjoy what I do, but with each passing day I feel more unable to do it.

I am not playing the piano every day as I should, and that is undoubtedly something that is hurting me a lot, but when I play I feel that I never improve. In 1 hour I have piano lessons and I'm ashamed to play.

It is very difficult to live with this melancholy, being unable to do simple everyday things.

SEPTEMBER, 03, 2020


music: travis - the line is fine

Hello everybody! So, finally I finished to edit my website, so welcome to COSMICSAN! Well, I don't even know how to start! This page is going to be a diary. Will I post daily? No, so isn't a diary anymore? Well, It doesn't matter. Today I'm feeling tired, I just realized I have a lot of things to do, like read some academic texts, do some music exercices, play piano, blablabalBALABA.. Yesterday I found about about a youtube channel named "ReviewBrah", it's kind of a cool channel, but I don't really enjoy food reviews, but the guy is kind of funny and unique. I watched his average day 2019 video and he wakes up 4 a.m every morning, so I realized I do that too, but I wake up fine and energetic and I decide to sleep again because it's too early, then I wake up 11 a.m and depressed. This is only the first blog entry, so it's kind o really brief (sorry about that)